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Community Work

  • Article 1 works closely with the Sudanese community in the UK.  We have attended community meetings, organised a Darfur cultural day, provided training in digital media and created a Women's Network in both Birmingham and London, amongst other activities.  Below are some photos of those activities.

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  • Screening of Watchers of the Sky

    get link Article 1 co-hosted a screening of Watchers of the Sky with JW3 in London. Mukesh Kapila answered questions on this moving film about the founding of the word genocide by Raphael Lemkin and how it came about.

  • Queen Mary's University and the International State Crime Intitiative

    In April 2016, Waging Peace collaborated with Queen Mary's University and the International State Crime Intitiative to look at the similarities between the genocide in Darfur and the unfolding genocide of the Rohingya in Burma.  Speaker Mukesh Kapila said "Change in Sudan will only happen when its own people rise up against injustices there."

  • London drop-in clinic

    partnersuche raum stuttgart Sudanese asylum seekers and refugees seek temporary sanctuary on Tuesday evenings in the form of a warm welcome, food sharing, English lessons, friendship, mentoring and opportunities to be signposted to organisations and programmes that offer support.


    Waging Peace | Maddy Crowther | TEDxUoN paige og walter dating

    Birmingham Women's Network

    get link Article 1 was asked to start a group specifically for Sudanese women in Birmingham.  They meet once a month and share information on issues such as living in the UK, food and childcare.  One woman told us: "Since I joined the group I am looking forward  to meeting other women, chatting and talking about things that affect us. Now I look forward to the beginning of the month."

  • Sexual Violence Summit

    Article 1 took a delegation of 5 to attend the Global Summit to end Sexual Violence, organised by the British government and co-hosted by Angelina Jolie and William Hague. They are seen below with Mukesh Kapila, former United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Sudan.

  • Zaghawa Community Meeting in Coventry 2015

    Article 1 is often invited to attend community meetings.  Below are pictures of a Zaghawa meeting held in Coventry where Olivia Warham MBE, Article 1's Head of Communication, spoke.

  • Demonstration June 2014

    In June 2014, Article 1 helped coordinate a demonstration outside the Sudanese Embassy and No 10 Downing Street asking for an end to 25 years of repression from the Sudanese regime.  People attended from all over the UK.

  • Digital Media Training

    Article 1 has run a series of training sessions on digital media. Over 100 participants have learnt how to promote their campaigns using digital media. 100% of activists who came said that they felt that had gained useable skills and knowledge for the future.

  • Darfur Cultural Day

    In Apriil 2013 Article 1 organised the first ever Darfur Cultural Day in Birmingham.  Attended by 300 Sudanese, there was dancing, music and food from all areas of Darfur.  We also arranged a workshop to address issues of grief and coping mechanisms.