"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights."
Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948

Article 1 was started by the team from Waging Peace, a human rights organisation which was founded in 2004 to lobby on Sudan and in particular Darfur.

We work with lawyers, Sudanese tribal leaders and community heads in the UK, making us the only targeted organisation helping Sudanese asylum seekers access the services to which they are entitled. Because we conduct in-depth research, we have a thorough understanding of the dangers facing asylum seekers if they are returned to Sudan.


when not to trade binary options We are redeveloping this website, but in the meantime you can find out about what our team is up to via our sister NGO Waging Peace.


frau sucht mann reutlingen WHAT DOES ARTICLE 1 DO?

  • We give support and advice to Darfuri asylum seekers in the UK, helping them navigate the complexities of the immigration system
  • We work with the UK Home Office and Border Agency to improve policy and procedure of the asylum system
  • We produce high-level and in-depth reports and briefings on the crisis in Sudan
  • We provide detailed and tailored policy briefings to parliamentarians and decision-makers
  • We give talks at schools, universities, faith groups and civic society groups
  • We organise high profile events to publicise the ongoing crisis in Sudan
  • We generate articles and interviews in the press



  • Our team has succeeded in helping to stop the deportation of more than ten Darfuri asylum seekers to Sudan.
  • In November 2009 the UK Home Office announced that all non-Arab Darfuris would receive refugee status. This decision was due in part to work carried out by Article 1.
  • Our asylum team works daily on several asylum cases, coordinating between lawyers and representatives of the Sudanese community in the UK. Our work has led to the successful asylum application of dozens of individuals.
  • Due in part to our persistent lobbying, the Home Office has been produced a report outlining ethnic diversities between non-Arab tribes in Darfur in order to assist caseworkers in better identifying non-Arab Darfuris.
  • Both the Home Office and Foreign Office receive our regular updates outlining human rights abuses in Sudan and Darfur in particular.
  • The Darfuri children’s drawings we collected in Eastern Chad have been accepted as contextual evidence of war crimes by the International Criminal Court. Furthermore, they have appeared in newspapers and on television in dozens of countries, and are being exhibited in venues around the world.
  • We have successfully provided material and evidence to the ICC and other investigative bodies regarding human rights abuses in Darfur and Eastern Chad.
  • We delivered Sudan’s first petition, containing 60,000 signatures, to Gordon Brown and other world leaders.
  • Together with our sister organisation, Waging Peace, we contribute articles and interviews in media around the world including BBC, Radio 4, Al Jazeera, Sky News, CNN, ABC, Reuters, RFI, Radio Austria, El Pais, Der Spiegel and Voice of America.
  • Thousands of individuals have heard us speak on Sudan at venues ranging from the UK parliament to universities throughout the world.


Who We Are

  • Maddy Crowther

    Maddy Crowther


    Maddy holds a degree in International Politics, with a focus on African politics, from Cambridge University. She has a background in communications and public affairs with consultancy Linstock Communications.

    She has also worked with several NGOs, both in the UK and abroad, producing targeted research and other content, including campaign videos.

    You can find her on Twitter at @CrowtherMaddy.


  • Rebecca Tinsley

    Rebecca Tinsley

    Founder & President

    Rebecca is a journalist and writer who has written for publications such as the New Statesman, Times, Independent and Telegraph. Formerly with the BBC, she has had two novels published. She has stood twice for the British Parliament and was national chair of the Union of Liberal Students.

    Rebecca is a trustee of the Carter Centre UK and the Bosnian Support Fund. She has a law degree from the LSE.

    Her website is www.rebeccatinsley.com and she is on twitter @BeckyTinsley.

  • Sonja Miley

    Sonja Miley

    pa dating website Co-Executive Director

    singles dresden bild Head of Community Engagement & Outreach

    Sonja has a degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University. She previously worked in international cultural exchange before joining the civil society sector.

    Sonja has worked over 20 years in multicultural environments and has traveled extensively which supports her inclusive and holistic approach to engagement.

    Also a certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (BHSP), Sonja's ongoing training was focused in psychological sciences and facilitation of groups. She has also worked with several non-profit organisations in the UK and abroad with inner-city youth and other marginalised groups.

    You can find her on Twitter at @Sonja_Miley

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